15 PlayStation 1 games to remember from childhood

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As few consoles were known PlayStation 1. The fruit of a failed partnership Nintendoshowed the power of video games Sony combining powerful hardware with an impressive library of titles. No wonder so many of the best-remembered franchises to date have been born on the PS1!

To remind you of a small part of the platform’s excellent catalog, we’ve featured 15 classic PlayStation 1 games!

silent hill

All it takes is a lost murmur, or a day with a little fog, that’s the name silent hill it is used for the most talked about topics on any social network. franchise Konami he has a huge legion of loyal fans to this day, hungry for more.

Going back to the first chapter of the saga, one can understand why. the work of The group is silent presents a fear of survival really macabre, with a cold atmosphere, grotesque monsters and a plot with no clear answer. Since then, the only games that have managed to repeat the tense feeling of the classic are his sequels, at least all the sequels developed by the original team.

Crash Bandicoot franchise

Official PS1 mascot, Crash Bandicoot put the studio Naughty Dog on the map, it showed all the graphics capabilities of the platform with a trilogy of 3D platforms full of personality and challenging levels.

Three amazing games weren’t enough, Crash also won some great derivatives, for example Crash Team Racing “A worthy enemy.” Mario Kart – and Crash Bashbasically Mario Party By Sony.


Hold on to Crash, Spyro This is another 3D platform that has helped showcase all the spectacular graphics capabilities of the PS1. As the world was wide and full of life, the game was an introduction for many people to the games.

The pet has been out of the picture for a while, but – like Crash – has recently returned in a spectacular remake.

Final Fantasy VII

When it comes to first contact, it’s not an exaggeration Final Fantasy VII that’s because a lot of people love JRPGs these days. classic of SquareSoft It was released in 1997 and opened its doors to the Japanese genre worldwide, with cutting-edge audiovisuals (for the time being), intense turn-based combat, and an epic and memorable soundtrack.

There are those who prefer it Final Fantasy IX, but the seventh game remains very important because of the memorable plot of an ecoterrorist group fighting against the relentless power of a megacorporation. It’s no surprise that its remake was one of the most sought-after games in decades, and one of the biggest hits of the One / PS4 generation when it was released in 2020.

Disney games

When it comes to remembering PS1 games, you can’t just live up to the absolute classics and revolutionary work. After all, the joy of the console was to have great titles of all kinds, including good licensed games.

Many people had the PS1 as a child, and it was the perfect choice for games based on the company’s animations. disney they were successful in movie theaters and video stores. That’s why many have good memories, including work Tarzan, Aladdin and HerculesWinning a very charismatic and fun 2D game!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

If you take a long list of the best PS1 games, it’s common to find only original titles, but the reality is that this and the PS2 generation were the golden age for licensed games. There was a certain investment in making titles inspired by movies and cartoons the least complete and fun.

One of the best examples of this trend that no longer exists is the game of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Released in line with the 2002 film, the game allows you to explore Hogwarts, solve various puzzles and even play Quidditch, as well as experiencing various moments on the big screen. We can forgive Hagrid’s awkward face, because going to the movies, loving a movie, and being able to recreate his best episodes in a video game was something special.

Metal Gear Solid

If video games today are very much inspired by the language of cinema, so be it Metal Gear Solid which deserves recognition for launching the trend. He helped consolidate the 1998 game Hideo Kojimawhich created a spy plot worthy of the film.

With a great hidden game, Solid Snake’s first adventure is challenging as a game, but it also includes a great narrative about espionage, war, and clone conflict. Franchising has become one of the most beloved games, and the first title remains huge by modern standards.

Castlevania: Night Symphony

THE Konami delivered some of the best retro franchises. castlevaniawhile it was already huge from Nintendo. On PS1, however, he won one of the best titles in the entire saga: Castlevania: Night Symphony.

With a huge map, a bone-chilling soundtrack, and many grotesque creatures as enemies, Night Symphony he exalted all that was already good castlevania and he built one of the best works of its kind. Her questionable voice acting also has a certain charm to it!

Resident Evil Trilogy

resident Evil he defined how to make a horror game, and the PS1 was home to this macabre revolution. Sony’s first console was the setting for the classic trilogy, following his travels through the streets of Spencer Mansion and Raccoon City.

Whether it’s the scares, the strain on the game that requires the proper use of resources, or the iconic characters, resident Evil It remains one of the most beloved gaming franchises today, and it’s always worth revisiting its roots.

Tekken 3

With more powerful hardware, various 2D genres have traditionally begun to be explored in three dimensions. From this series of experiments, tekken It’s one of the best franchises ever Tekken 3 It is one of the highlights of the saga.

With a large team of fighters, the game is challenging for those who want to dominate, but ridiculously satisfying and accessible for those who want to take some disadvantages. It takes honest shit between friends!

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Quadrilogy

Made with the help of skaters, saga Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater it is a milestone in bringing the skateboarding phenomenon from the streets to the games in almost flawless translation.

With an exhilaratingly pleasing player, the game puts the player on track at various stages, and remains a window into the culture of the 1990s through environments, maneuvering, clothing, and of course music.

tomb Raider

The PS1 made it possible to reach consoles of genres that were exclusive to the first computer, such as 3D adventure games. Among them, there is no greater success than that tomb Raider.

The game introduced the world to Lara Croft, an explorer Indiana Jones with acrobatic skills and a pair of guns to deal with all sorts of threats, even the strangest ones, like caves full of dinosaurs.


With the advancement of 3D gaming, it didn’t take long for titles that tested the limitations of the environments that could be achieved to emerge. One of the games that led to this attack on consoles was the series driver.

Inspired by seventies crime movies, the game puts you behind the wheel of a getaway car driven by a street-wearing police officer. The level of freedom that allows you to explore four cities in the open world (by the standards of the time) was driver he inspired the seed of this chaotic design GTA and many others.

Medal of Honor

Steven Spielberg he is easily one of the greatest film directors, having directed classics among other things sharks, Indiana Jones, ET and much more. It seems that the filmmaker has also always had a passion for games, which he tested when he created one of the greatest shooters on the PS1: Medal of Honor.

A game conceived and written by Spielberg in the development of the film Ryan saves the privateputs the player in command of a battalion in World War II, and involves a very cinematic journey, much earlier. Call of Duty it has become known for doing so.

Gran Turismo 2

The PS1 library had all sorts of games, including race simulators. It doesn’t seem like it today, though Gran Turismo 2 it was still one of the most realistic experiences, especially visually.

The racing game had real tracks and cars, precise controls and wonderful graphics. PS1 hardware is one of the best to show how powerful it was at the time!

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